Microsoft Outlook, used well is a powerful personal and team productivity tool. Used commonly it is far too easy to digitize poor personal productivity behaviours, despite our best efforts. Here’s an Outlook navigation Productivity tip. Engage web browser type forward and back buttons so you can easily navigate between folders and sub folders. Here’s how you implement it

In managing your competing priorities, calendar clashes and email storms effectively you need to click quickly between Outlook folders

In any folder in Outlook look at the top left of your screen. You will see poorly developed ‘Quick Access toolbar’.

It will either be above the main Tabs (default in Outlook 2013) or below the main Tabswork smarter with ouutlook 2013 with Richard Mr Productivity Maybury

See that little Down-Arrow? That gives you options for your ‘Quick Access Toolbar’. Press it.

Click on ‘More Commands’

In the top ‘Choose commands from’ dialogue box select ‘All commands’

Find ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ and ‘Add’ both then exit out with OK

There you go, you can now navigate forward and back within Microsoft Outlook folders with the same ease as you navigate your web pages.

Just another productivity tip to help you work smarter, manage your priorities better and deliver your results easier by maximizing Microsoft Outlook. Hope it helps.

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