Remember friends, a moment of reflection informs, renews, re-equips and refreshes our core. That’s why it is important, in wonderment, to Stop!

Stop often; even when the day speeds by in a blur, even when the sound of deadlines are whooshing through your ears, even when the adrenalin of excitement or anxiety is coursing through your  veins, even if you think you don’t have time to think ….. STOP.

For it is in our reflections that we make sense of the world and our place in it.

Most people don’t learn from experience, the ruthless reality is that most people knowingly repeat their mistakes. The truth is that we really learn from reflecting on our experiences.

Reflection helps stop us jumping to conclusions

Reflection helps stop us getting stuck in analysis paralysis

Reflection helps stop repeating mistakes

If you would like a free resource from me on building reflective thinking into a deliberate ‘Learning from Experience’ process that you can use every day, just ask and it is yours!

My thanks to Brian Hilligas for use of his great photo of Rodin’s Thinker