Whatever our roles are, one thing is for certain. Next year we will be driving and delivering a new set of challenging, stretching goals, projects, targets and ambitions for ourselves, our people and the businesses we are engaged in.

In all probability our competitors will not be getting out of our way to make it easier for us, which could mean our workloads will be increasing in volume, velocity and urgency. If you know that you and your people can’t work any harder next year you must work even smarter than you are right now.

If this is an ambition for you and those you are responsible for, and if you would like to achieve results similar to the 20,600 people who have been supported through our Working Smart training programme up to last December, do get in touch. Together we will deliver results worth talking about – that’s a promise.

proven productivity gains with richard maybury #wp2pI call what I do ‘Welding purpose to priorities’ #wp2p: Defining Purpose, Deciding Strategy, Defending Priorities, Delivering Results. If this interests you, do get in touch