You are busy getting your high priority things done and have just completed that important document you have been working on. You now need to email it to your customer, colleague or supplier.

You’re smart and you know that living in your inbox view degrades your ability to manage your focus and energy. You don’t need to go into your inbox to send the document – do this instead

Customise Office365 Quick Access Toolbar to improve productivity and weld purpose to priorities easier

Your Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps have a customisable Quick Access Toolbar. (OneNote does too, but it already as an ‘Email Page’ function on the Home ribbon).

Simply hit the chevron to the right of the underdeveloped Quick Access Toolbar and customise it to add ‘Email’ and any other functions you want there. Here is mine:

With this functionality available to you, simply click on the Email link in your Quick Access Toolbar to open up an email with your currently open document, presentation or spreadsheet attached.

It is good practice to save the document beforehand but it is not essential for the process to work.

This simple efficiency element is a very small part of my proven Welding Purpose to Priorities with Office365 approach. Get in touch if you want to find out more about delivering your critical results easier within your high volume high velocity workloads.