I was running one of my Welding Purpose to Priority #WP2P workshops for a team of bright people this week who reached a milestone in their Professional career. Their collective response to one of my initial questions was so good that I think it is well worth sharing with you here. What would you add or support?

I asked: What advice would you give to someone more junior who is looking up to you for advice on how to win at work?

They said: – and yes, it was exactly 10 items, which I only realised after the event when we were transcribing flip charts for them.

Build resilience
Work hard
Be honest with yourself and others
Own up to mistakes
Learn on purpose
Strengthen your self-belief
Know and work your capabilities and strengths
Set Goals and reflect on them
Don’t compare yourself to others
Reward yourself often

A great list from young people with a promising career in front of them. What do you think?