7 reasons to attend the Growth Through Talent Planning conference

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On 15th November 2017 the IoD and the CIPD will be hosting a joint conference on 'Growth Through Talent Planning' in the Guildford Harbour Hotel between 07:00 and 10:30. Tickets cost £25, reduced to £15 for IoD and CIPD members. I have set out 7 reasons why I think it [...]

My free Welding Purpose to Priorities webinar for the IoD is open to all via the text link below

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Here is the link to book into my IoD Advance webinar on Tuesday 5th September between 11:00 and 12:00: Click to book . I have just heard from the IoD that you don't have to be a member to attend this session. In this hour I will be sharing hard earned [...]

Thank you

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A big thank you to all my collaborating, mind-sharing, feet-to-the-fire-holding, moist-shoulder-offering, bear-hugging, silently-supporting, critical-questioning, confident-advocating, friends, associates, ambassadors, clients and suppliers for all your support to me and my business during this year. I wish you all the health, energy, focus and courage you need to defend and deliver the [...]

What is your Leadership Style?

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Leadership. It means many things to many people. What is seen as strength by some can be seen as weakness by others. I believe that effective leadership is all about Defining Purpose, Deciding Strategy, Defending Priorities and Delivering Results. There are many styles of leadership which people adopt to achieve their [...]

Productivity = the right task at right time for right reason

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One of the foundational principles in all my Defending Priorities training programmes is ‘Do the right task at the right time for the right reason’. It is easy to say and sounds sensible but is difficult to achieve without the right information and context being available at the right time [...]

Opportunity. Every now and again a door opens and lets the future in #wp2p

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Life has a habit of throwing things at us, doesn't it. Sometimes the journey is tougher than we would like it to be, things don't go to plan, we get let down, doors close. This is normal. This happens to everyone. Indeed, it is the most compelling reason to heed [...]

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