Opportunity. Every now and again a door opens and lets the future in #wp2p

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Life has a habit of throwing things at us, doesn't it. Sometimes the journey is tougher than we would like it to be, things don't go to plan, we get let down, doors close. This is normal. This happens to everyone. Indeed, it is the most compelling reason to heed [...]

Time Tested Truth

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Vita is brevis and tempus does fugit. Hippocrates, the ‘the father of medicine’, was right back in 400BC and is today. Virgil was right back in 29BC and is right today. None of us have time, none of us can save time, all of us slide through it at exactly the same [...]

Building Personal productivity and productive capacity #WP2P

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People often ask me ‘Hey Rich, what’s your number one top tip for improving my productivity?’ They, of course, know that there is no such thing. But I still get asked it! The truth is that our personal productivity is determined by our personal productive capacity far more than it [...]

Others say it better

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Sixty minutes and one cup of coffee can be dangerous! This just in from the wonderful Martine Harris. Thank YOU Martine! Thanks for today Richard. I feel told off, encouraged, and perhaps slightly scared! You managed to get straight to the point and I feel re-energised. I didn't expect to get [...]

Where are the real Productivity Pirates?

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Yes, you get the ‘productivity’ thing, and you are always looking for ways to work smarter on your competing priorities, to give yourself an edge. Chances are, you are delivering your results within a high interrupt, high volume, high velocity workload. You have most definitely put some useful tips, tricks and hacks into your [...]

20,600 people report 59 minute per day productivity gain through our training and support

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The count closed on 31st December 2015. All the evaluations from the Working Smart training programmes were collated and cross-checked. The results are impressive! Especially as they are measured up to a month after the training day! Results you might want to make real in your life […]

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