Here’s how my #WP2P clients gain 54 minutes extra per person per day.

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If you and your people are already winning. If, like most people with a half-decent job, you feel you have a job and a half to do every day. If you just want to win easier, then this #WP2P programme is for you.

Below you will see the overall objective, the Support Structure, the workshop content and the driving ambition of my #WP2P  Welding Purpose to Priorities training programme.

Thousands of people just like you and me report a 53 minute per person per day productivity improvement through it.

These people also dominate their inbox, their schedules and  their commitments. They work and  collaborate smarter and they deliver their results easier. This productivity gain is measured up to 4 weeks after the training so we are measuring sustained behaviour change here.

A 54 minute productivity gain a day is only the start though. Other critical result, priority workload and time management improvements include:

  • 56% Improvement in Email management skills

  • 55% improvement in Planning and Organisation skills

  • 42% improvement in collaboration and teamworking skills

  • 43% reduction in Stress levels at work

The overall objective of the Welding Purpose to Priorities programme

To increase personal productivity and sense of achievement by welding proven critical result, prioritisation and workload management principles, attitudes and behaviours to  best practice use of Outlook, other O365 Apps or G Suite to manage your email, communications, calendar and commitments easier

The Welding Purpose to Priorities programme  support structure

Because, in the real world one size fits nobody:
We craft the programme to your business needs. We then ask your people about the challenges they face and what they would want to gain from our support

Because ‘How to’ is far more valuable than ‘Should do’
Your workshop is practical as well as being inspirational and aspirational. Your people drive my content directly into their workload on their devices, typically through Microsoft Office 365 apps or Google G Suite. The content is principles based, researched, proven and compelling. Comprehensive workbooks and Field Guides are included.

Because putting training into use back at work is seldom simple:
Your people receive personal, confidential coaching between 3 to 4 weeks after the workshop to support what they told us they wanted to gain from the workshop.

Because learning that is supported is sustained
Your people receive lifetime email support on the workshop content.

Because measurement is important in business:
We provide you with reports on the workshop evaluations and the measurements that your people say they achieved from the total support they received.

The Welding Purpose to Priorities workshop overview:

A typical workshop contains the following modules:

  • Getting ourselves ready to change selected habits of a working lifetime
  • Exploration of 10 foundational productivity principles
  • Overviewing and integrating our critical result areas into Microsoft Outlook / Office 365 or G Suite and other productivity tools
  • Setting up Outlook & Office 365 & G Suite to drive more proactive decision making, easier execution and better delivery
  • Dominating the inbox, driving activities, managing commitments and controlling the schedule
  • Bringing it all together within a proven planning framework

Bottom line

The driving ambition of this programme is to equip and enable you and your people to manage your critical results and competing priorities with greater clarity, control and ease every day.

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