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Practical Productivity training. Rooted in reality – reaching beyond it.

Because you want your people doing different as well as knowing different

Brief Overview

Richard’s expertise and reputation is primarily built around the support he provides in equipping his clients to build productive capacity in defining purpose, deciding strategy, defending priorities and delivering results.

Your programme

Richard delivers inspirational, content rich events rooted in the practical realities of daily business life. He is equally at home delivering a one-off specialist event or being part of a wider roll-out of your learning and development programme.

Crafted to be congruent with the overall aims and style of your programmes

Great care is taken to ensure that our sessions are crafted with the overall outcomes of your wider programme in mind, as well as the specific outcomes for the sessions we deliver. This extends to delivery style.

Popular modules

In the real world, one size fits nobody, so when we are asked to support a programme or need with our expertise we make sure that we carefully craft the content and the style of delivery to our client’s requirements. Richard has delivered training on many topics, some of the more popular ones are:

  • Defining / re-defining purpose
  • Welding purpose to priorities
  • Deciding Strategy
  • Strategic Thinking: frameworks and models that work in a demanding day-job
  • Project planning and project management
  • Goal Creation and Goal Control
  • Time and prioritization management
  • Focus, energy and resilience management
  • Working smarter with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry,
  • Overcoming Urgency Addiction
  • Ninja email management: From inbox slavery to mastery
  • Mastering Meetings and maximizing outcomes
  • Influencing with integrity when you have no control

What others say about Richard Maybury

Richard has hundreds of advocate statements and public endorsements for his work. A very small sample can be found in these two locations. Ask us for more if you wish:



‘I would recommend this course to everyone, particularly given the velocity at which our field operates and the need for laser focus activity management.’ Gavin Jackson EMEA Director – Cloud & Eco-Systems vmware

Together we will produce the content and support format that is right for you and your business. Enquire now

“I’ve known Richard for 7 or 8 years and he’s run several sessions for me and my clients. Richard is well known for his approach to what he calls ‘Welding purpose to priorities’. What I like about Richard and why I’m happy to recommend him, is that he puts the ‘How To’ into all the inspiring stuff we have been exposed to before by so called Gurus. He combines inspiration with simple practicality so that you can quickly implement new ideas. In my experience people DO things differently after they have worked with him.” Tim Tostevin Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

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