Many friends, clients and delegates at my training and speaking events over the years have suggested that I create a log of my own ‘Richard Maybury Quotes’ or ‘Mayburyisms’ as they call them. So, here are a few examples which I will add to from time to time. They are either original Richard Maybury Quotes or time-honoured truths that I have added my own emphasis to, in order to make them more relevant for me – and hopefully to you.

I will occasionally add the source and context if I think this might be useful. Feel free to engage with me on any of these if you wish.

‘The quality of the question determines the quality of the outcome – always!’ Richard Maybury

‘The 80/20 Rule is ruthless. We rule it or it rules us, either way it’s our choice’ Richard Maybury

Probably one of my most heard phrases. Tough but true. I have met many people who think they are somehow immune to this reality. It’s bad enough for them as they get to a work deadline unprepared and realise they have been too soft on their previous prioritisation. Tougher still when they turn around and find that they are a few more years down the track without being any closer to their purpose.   

‘Too late is too easy when we are too free with our time’ – Richard Maybury

Most people have too much to do. In reality, almost everyone places too low a value on the limited amount of time they have available for their critical results within a demanding day. Their Time Management suffers because they are almost too available to everything.

‘The only thing we can truly manage is where we choose to put our focus and our energy moment to moment’ – Richard Maybury

We don’t have time to get too philosophical here. Let’s boil it down. The economy is the economy, the market is the market, the target is the target and the workload is the workload. How we choose to see and respond to these elements define our meaning, our purpose, our priorities, our effort and our definition of our success