Email is making you stupid

By |2017-10-13T11:04:09+01:00July 8th, 2010|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

As we manage demanding workloads, juggle multiple projects and manage competing priorities, email is always near the top of the list of productivity challenges that most of us face every day. Whilst it can be a productivity enabler, it is more often cited as the biggest contributor to information overload and the insidious destroyer [...]

Twitter and the 80/20 Rule

By |2009-06-16T08:33:17+01:00June 9th, 2009|Uncategorized|

New research by Bill Heil and Mikolaj Piskorski  over at Harvard Business School suggests that the old 80/20 rule is alive and well on Twitter - They surveyed 300,542 users, during May 2009 and found, among other things that: 10% of Twitter users generate more than 90% of the content. [...]

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