Office365 November update impacts Outlook 2016 customisation – Free workaround

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When I support clients in working smarter on their critical results and competing priorities I inevitably help them use technology smarter as well. Microsoft Office365 and Outlook are particularly important tools for my clients. Office365 is constantly being updated and extended and sometimes those updates [...]

Add an hour to your day

By |2010-12-13T18:29:43+00:00November 15th, 2010|Time Management and Prioritisation tips|

My friend, strategist and the Thought Leader behind Genesis Management Consulting, Simon Gifford, pointed me to this HBR article the other day.  I like a lot of the material Ron Ashkenas writes. He’s pretty focused on the practicalities of delivering critical results within demanding workloads when he focuses on his ‘Time Management’, ‘Productivity’ [...]

How to use Objectives. Dr Peter Drucker

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For me, Peter Drucker is the inventor of modern management. I find myself remembering and referring to his wisdom time and time again. Hey, he coined the phrase ‘Knowledge worker’ back in 1959 – he was always ahead of the game …… and is always worth revisiting …. ‘If objectives are [...]

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