Reframing time and recalibrating importance

By |2018-04-26T12:35:23+01:00March 11th, 2016|Strategy and Strategic Thinking, Time Management and Prioritisation tips|

You are well aware that in the coming and going and the routines of our everyday lives, we rarely get to do everything we intend to do. This is true for all of us. Yet most of us would consider many of those undone things as important to us; which makes [...]

Procrastination increases as the workplace becomes more toxic with convenient access to inferior choices.

By |2016-06-23T16:15:39+01:00December 8th, 2008|Time Management and Prioritisation tips|

My phone vibrated to another text, I picked it up and read ‘Hey dad, check out Sunday Times pg 7 – two of your favs – procrastination and Mark Twain’. So I dutifully read it. The article is not NEW news but the message has never been more important, especially [...]

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