How to combine 2 or more columns of data in Excel into a new column

By |2015-02-02T15:24:50+00:00December 13th, 2012|Leveraging technology to improve productivity|

Hi, Tim Maybury here again with another Microsoft Excel tip useful for managing marketing information. I use this one in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook mail merge and my father’s Productivity Pointer emails. This time I’m going to show you how to combine data in 2 or more columns into a new column. [...]

Office Outlook for Mac 2011 time management support

By |2011-11-09T12:06:39+00:00November 9th, 2011|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

I am seeing an increase in the number of questions from our client’s people who have opted to use an Apple Mac and iPhone / iPad within a Microsoft Exchange environment. They have challenges in bringing the full functionality of their firm’s systems, software and productivity tools to bear on their chosen [...]

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