Livescribe 3 brings tighter functionality between smartphone iPad and paper notes

By |2013-10-28T11:53:46+00:00October 28th, 2013|Leveraging technology to improve productivity|

I am a big fan of the Livescribe digital pen, simply because it lets me combine my natural, non-intrusive, note taking with pen on paper with the productivity gains of having those notes available to me digitally on any platform. Well, Livescribe Inc. today announced the release of the Livescribe [...]

Which Livescribe smartpen Echo or WiFi is the smart choice for you?

By |2013-08-07T17:55:45+01:00August 7th, 2013|Leveraging technology to improve productivity|

Being productive and effective in meetings, especially in managing commitments from meetings, invariably means having to make notes so you can refer to them later, make decisions and take action on them. The challenge with traditional pen on paper is that you can’t synchronise your paper notes with your digital tools. So there [...]

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