4D productivity platform


Clients use my expertise to support their ambitions in 4 core areas: Defining Purpose, Deciding Strategy, Defending Priorities and Delivering Results. Each engagement is tailored to achieve agreed outcomes.

1. Defining Purpose

Purpose is at the start and the heart of all meaningful endeavour. It’s about the Big Why questions; everything from Legacy, through to Values, Vision, Mission, into Projects and Goals and on into meetings and what we choose to do next – and why we choose to do it.

2. Deciding Strategy

Strategic horizons press ever closer on today’s decisions in our fast moving, ever changing competitive environment. Thinking strategically and having strategy and project frameworks that allow us to flex without compromising the objective are key to today’s productivity.

3. Defending Priorities

With today’s high volume, high velocity workloads, good personal time and priority management approaches are no longer enough. Collaboration and teamworking place their own constraints on personal workload and time management. Collaboration is not delivered by investing in tools, even excellent tools like Microsoft Office 365.  We love working with clients in this reality!

4. Delivering Results

In today’s world most business results are delivered through Collaboration, Teamworking and Interdependent workload management models. In this environment, excellent internal and external communications are critical to delivering business results.

You, your business and your requirements are unique. You know that, in the real world, one size fits nobody. You can be confident that through our work with ambitious SMEs and large organisations since 1998, we can design and deliver inspiring, practical learning events that will resonate in your business long after the event ends.

Clients specifically report that with our support they are better positioned to:

  • Create a clearer, more compelling, Values, Vision and Mission to drive that important sense of purpose

  • Establish and manage objectives to drive business results

  • Create purposeful strategies and weld strategic purpose to their peoples’ daily priorities

  • Create and control compelling goals

  • Manage competing priorities and multiple projects better across the business

  • Improve collaboration, communication and teamworking across the business

  • Achieve more with less in the new normal of today’s economy

  • Use current desktop and mobile technology (especially Outlook, Google Apps, Apple, Android, Blackberry) much more effectively across the business

  • Turn previous training investments into identifiable, enduring – often measurable results

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