Everyone with a half-decent job has a job and a half to do every day. And even if they haven’t they often feel as though they have.

My mission is to equip and enable good people to measurably improve the way they manage their competing priorities and deliver their critical results every day.

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You and your people will Drive Purpose, Defend Priorities and Deliver your Critical Results easier every day through my #WP2P training, speaking and support programmes, embracing rock-solid productivity principles and practical, productive skills and behaviours driven through continually updated best-practice use of productivity tools like Microsoft 365.

#WP2P is built for mobile-first, flexible-first, hybrid working environments where fast-paced, agile collaboration is the ambition, wherever your colleagues are working from and where improved productivity and performance, alongside reduced stress and a greater sense of purpose and achievement among the team delivers better business results.

I specialise in Leverage Skills training. Some people call these attributes ‘Soft Skills’; they are nothing of the sort!

These Leverage Skills are the difference that makes the difference, once mastered they leverage all the Hard Skills learnt through education and experience in the workplace. Here’s some of my more popular Leverage Skills training and speaking services

I call what we do ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ (#WP2P) and I promise that together we will deliver ‘Results Worth Talking About.

My Leverage Skills development services



Inspirational, content rich events rooted in the practical realities of daily business life.



Expert services across a wide range of meeting formats and stakeholder engagements.


Keynote speaking

Trusted Keynote Speaking for your team, your customer events and your conferences.


1-1 support

Specialist Leadership support, tailored to your unique requirements and delivered confidentially.

My 4D productivity platform


Define Purpose


Purpose is at the start, heart and end of all meaningful productive endeavour.

Decide Strategy


Strategic thinking and frameworks that flex without compromising their integrity.

Defend Priorities


Knowing a priority is one thing – defending a priority is a whole different game.

Deliver Results


Better collaboration, teamworking and culture based productivity – Easier!

Lets start working together!
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I have to be honest, with a training title of ‘Working smarter’ in my diary I wasn’t holding out much hope for the training day. But – wow! For me, Richard’s ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities with Outlook’ made Outlook productive at last. It’s given me the knowledge to get the most out of Outlook and release the mash of stuff I try and remember or get frustrated by every day. So – big thank you Richard

John Griggs, Business Systems Manager

I was sceptical about the training before I attended but I was pleasantly surprised. Richard’s training is practical, the changes I have made are palpable. I am now much better organised in giving shape to my days. On reflection, in the past I was probably over-engineering my workload management approach. I now have a lightweight, flexible and quick approach to managing my priorities. The sense of overwhelm has been lifted and I feel more in control. The training exceeded my expectations.

Robert Shapcott
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