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Because, sometimes, that external voice brings extra richness, variety and value to your event

My Top Three Talks

1: Let’s collaborate Smarter: Going beyond functionality to culturalise technology

2: Urgency Addiction: Time to kick the habit

3: Welding Purpose to Priorities: Secrets of purposeful productivity

My expertise and reputation is primarily built around the support I provide in equipping my clients to build productive capacity in defining purpose, deciding strategy, defending priorities and delivering results.

Crafted to be congruent with the aims of your meeting

Richard delivers inspirational, content rich talks rooted in the practical realities of your daily business life.

Typical assignments include presentations at national or regional meetings, Kick-Off meetings and regular team meetings where the organisers have an ambition to include an energising, focused, externally delivered message that is congruent with the aims of the meeting and provides the delegates with practical information they can put to use back at work as well as inspiring them to do so.

Popular Topics

In the real world, one size fits nobody, so when we are asked to support a meeting with a presentation we make sure that we carefully craft the content and the style of delivery to our client’s requirements.

Richard has spoken on many topics, some of the more popular ones are:

Defining Purpose

  • Fueling your Propose engine: Exploring Beliefs, Values, Vision

  • Calibrating the compass: Defining True North professionally and personal

  • Welding purpose to priorities: Secrets of purposeful productivity

Deciding Strategy

  • Thinking strategically within a 100MPH day-job: Models and frameworks to think into

  • Thinking creatively: Releasing your untapped mental resources

  • Innovative innovation: Making innovation happen

  • Unstoppable Goal Creation: Creating compelling goals for anything in your life

  • Goal Control: The missing link between aspiration and execution

  • Project Planning: Creating deliverable plans, whether for a major, capital intensive project or a number of ongoing projects we have to juggle every day

  • Critical Result Area planning and control: Identifying the 80/20 that makes all the difference to your results.

Defending Priorities

  • Managing competing priorities within a demanding day-job: Proven principles and processes for delivering high performance and productivity day-in, day-out.

  • Working smarter with technology: Maximising Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry,

  • Urgency Addiction: It’s time to kick the habit

  • Ninja email management: From inbox slavery to mastery

  • Leveraging stress: Maximising the ‘good stress’ and minimising the ‘bad stress’

  • Managing multiple mini-projects: Delivering multiple project based initiatives alongside the day-job

Delivering Results

  • Building resilience: Building and maintaining your personal productive capacity

  • Continuous Improvement on the run: Building continuous improvement into the day-job

  • Learning on purpose: Making ‘learning on the job’ easier and more productive and rewarding

  • Staying sane inside the Matrix: Leadership without command and control authority

  • Influencing with integrity: Leadership language to get to ‘Yes’ in any situation

  • Making meetings work: Managing meetings that are the envy of the business

  • Practical NLP: A wide variety of situational NLP based approaches to any business or personal challenge.

  • Powerful presentations: Delivering high-impact presentations

  • Leveraging LinkedIn: Proven approaches to making LinkedIn work harder for you

  • Purposeful Networking: Turning up is just the start

  • Managing the metrics that matter: Keeping the right score so we can keep winning

What others say about Richard Maybury

Richard has hundreds of advocate statements and public endorsements for his work…

Karen Wale
Karen WalePartner Account Manager at Sage
Richard’s laser focused communication tips are brilliant and I would recommend his WP2P workshop to anyone looking to sharpen up their performance.

‘Thank you Richard for sharing a wealth of tools and insightful tips to improve my effectiveness and eliminate deadline related stress. Your laser focused communication tips are brilliant and I would recommend your WP2P workshop to anyone looking to sharpen up their performance.’

Robert Shapcott
Robert ShapcottTrainer Domestic & General Insurance
Richard’s training is practical, the changes I have made are palpable. I am now much better organised in giving shape to my days.

“I was sceptical about the training before I attended but I was pleasantly surprised. Richard’s training is practical, the changes I have made are palpable. I am now much better organised in giving shape to my days. On reflection, in the past I was probably over-engineering my workload management approach. I now have a lightweight, flexible and quick approach to  managing my priorities. The sense of overwhelm has been lifted and I feel more in control. The training exceeded my expectations.”

John Griggs
John GriggsBusiness Systems Manager Branston Holdings
Wow! Richard’s ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ has made Outlook productive at last for me.

“I have to be honest, with a training title of ‘Working smarter’ in my diary I wasn’t holding out much hope for the training day. But – wow! For me, Richard’s ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities with Outlook’ made Outlook productive at last. It’s given me the knowledge to get the most out of Outlook and release the mash of stuff I try and remember or get frustrated by every day. So – big thank you Richard”

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