Richard Maybury

You want to know who you are working with here. That’s natural. I do the same before working with, partnering with and trusting people in business. A good first step might be seeing what other people say about me professionally. They say it better than me!

My Core Values:

Generosity Gratitude Respect Truth

Like you I live by more than 4 Values but these really form the foundation of who I am. You can see how they influence my approach to my business below. By the way, I run powerful, revealing and motivating workshops around defining/redefining our Core Values, Purpose and Goals 😉

Volunteering has always been a big part of who I am.

Every year I provide 5 free training days for smaller, local, community based charities, Which is always a joy to do.

I have always served on boards, leadership teams, committees, steering groups, working Groups and community groups since my early 20s. Currently, in the public domain, I serve on the Board of Oakleaf, a wonderful mental Health Charity based in Guildford Surrey and I’m the immediate past Chair of the Institute of Directors for Surrey.

Prior to starting my training business I was a Chartered Insurer, specialising in corporate commercial risks in London, The City and, for 15 years living and working in Africa and the Middle East. Whilst in the Middle East I was a Founding Member of 2 national training bodies.

Here’s 7 important facts about my approach to your business

  • Terms, conditions, specifications and SLAs, for me, are the baseline performance criteria, not the finish line to be stretched to. I’d be a richer man if they weren’t so, but I’d be less fulfilled.

  • It is an honour and a privilege to work with your people – a position I always treat with respect and care.

  • Yes, I do deliver entertaining, engaging, inspiring, motivating content but always emphasising ‘How-To’ material. I aim to get people to do different not just know more stuff.

  • Everything I do is proven, researched, acknowledged Best Practice – and often all 3. I’m constantly updating my material so you and your people are not just up-to-date but future-proofing yourselves with my support.

  • I and my partners are expert practitioners – not just expert facilitators; we ‘walk our talk’. My content is rooted in the reality of the commercial world.

  • My best sales asset is the results our clients get. We will always deliver results worth talking about.

  • I love my business and that my clients call me Mr. Productivity. I’m at my best when I’m enabling people to change attitudes, behaviours, and the habits of a working lifetime so they can deliver their results easier every day.

Lets start working together!
Call me on +44 (0)1428 607 763 or +44 (0)7711 571 563