Fed up with the Outlook search hourglass? Got too many folders? Can’t instantly find mails and threads when you need them?

Searching for emails is a real productivity drain, even in the most regimented of outlook folder systems. If you want really good Outlook search, with additional – very useful – functionality you have got to look at xobni.com , that’s ‘Inbox’ backwards!

I was introduced to it recently and I think it is great! So much so that I have disabled my current favourite search programme Copernic, which itself is so much better than any other option out there. There are many very good reasons for this strong suggestion….

I don’t know about you but I have always despised the horrendous hour glass in Outlook’s built in search and have been a big fan of indexed desktop search since the early days of Lookoutsoft.com (subsequently bought by Microsoft and incorporated into their main search offerings now), so I have some experience here.

Reasons why Xobni Outlook Search currently gets my vote

The main reason I like this programme is because it instantly identifies all emails in connection with a particular search word and displays dated thread summaries, with folder location, which you can then either read in Xobni panel or open fully in Outlook.

Other plus points are:

Outlook search only – so it is light!
Lightening fast
Suggests senders networks based upon content and allows you to navigate the inbox by people. Note, it does this from the ‘To’ ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ addressees in your mails not from other snooping technologies.
Provides useful analytics
Contact data is extracted from emails
Links to Linkedin
Does not cost a penny!

Do yourself a favour and download it and let me know what you think of it.