Wow! Today I have just seen the future! Email is about 40 years old right now  – and today it looks it! Google Wave could be the future….

I have just checked out the Google Wave site at  Google Wave looks just awesome. It appears to answer the question ‘What would email look like if it were invented today?’  The answer is …… well, its like email/IM/wikis/sharepoint/social sites/web2 and everything else all in one package only better!

Set aside a little time to watch the demo video on the Google site. The first 18 minutes will give you a good idea of the future of communication and collaboration as Google sees it.

At first I thought I should only suggest you check out the first 18 minutes because that’s where so many Wows occur. But then at around minute 35 you see a bunch of people edit one wave report from different browsers in real time with no lag…. awesome. The creative and engineering team is the same one that bought us Google Maps.

Do check it out, at least the first 18 minutes. Catch the wave, I for one can’t wait to get wet!