I have been using Spinvox memo service on my smart phones and  BlackBerry for years when on the run between meetings. It turns my spoken word into an email I can process when I get back to my laptop. I have found it more productive than fiddling with a stylus or punching out words on a Blackberry keypad.

See here for how I use Spinvox to keep on top of commitments on the run  You might also find my notes on using Outlook Rules to control the email deluge helpful in this regard.

Well, after a lot of bad financial press, Spinvox has been purchased by Nuance – famous for among other things, the speech recognition programme ‘Dragon Naturally Speaking’. This should bring some welcome stability to a great service. I am still using and advocate it.

You can still download the free SpinVox MEMO service here: http://www.spinvox.com/memo.html

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