Technology always promises to make us more productive. So how come small business owners still feel under the cosh and are still working long hours?

Like the 1950s promise of a housekeeping robot, is IT productivity all just hype? Or is it us humans who need a little upgrade?

There’s no doubt that technology is continuing to revolutionise the workplace. And we all have to work smarter because we can’t work much harder. How does this productivity push play out in small businesses though? Especially when they are not accessing the infrastructure and support that bigger organisations have at their fingertips?

I was delighted therefore to learn that Microsoft featured some of my advice on their dedicated Microsoft Small Business Centre site.

After all, supporting smaller businesses in squeezing extra productivity and bottom line profits from their existing (or sometimes reducing) employee population through smarter working practices and improved collaboration and teamworking  has been an increasing focus of my consulting and training business over the past 3 years.

The truth is that upgrading people’s skills along with appropriate, simple, streamlined and integrated upgrading of technology can have a massive impact on the bottom line and deliver Results Worth Talking About.

Naturally, I would be delighted to support you, your team or people you may know, just tell me how now.