The 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas day, 25th December, and runs to 5th January.

Christmas and the New Year is a wonderful time to get back in touch with ourselves and some of the more important aspects of our life which can often get taken for granted in the headlong rush of our busy lives during the rest of the year.

Here is a list that might spark an idea or two for you. Go on, put a couple on your To-Do list, go public on it with family and friends and commit time in your calendar to make them real.

  1. Learn a new skill – you are never too old or too young
  2. Consider, plan and commit to supporting a specific charity in any way you can throughout 2013
  3. Start reading that good book you bought with the best of intentions but haven’t opened yet.
  4. Get outdoors. Go for a walk.
  5. Call an old friend. You know, that one you used to be so close to but just haven’t got around to speaking with recently
  6. Learn to juggle at least 3 balls for at least 3 minutes. Not only great fun but it helps improve your thinking and focus management skills
  7. Volunteer in your community. There are people in your community, just a few steps away from where you live who would benefit massively from a little of your time, talent, ears and energy
  8. Join a club or special interest group. Online groups count. Consider one that will challenge your thinking. Think Tanks can be useful and interesting
  9. Arrange some one-on-one time with someone close in your family (and, no, your partner does not count!)
  10. Support your local arts scene. Any arts performance counts ranging from an acoustic night in your local pub to your local amateur or professional theatre offering.
  11. Share something important with a trusted friend.
  12. Sit up straight with your back unsupported in a totally quiet room and practice a good breathing technique, focusing only on your breathing for 5 minutes once or twice a day

There you go, something to think about without having to make a New Year Resolution!

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