The law of unintended consequences is alive and well in LinkedIn’s #SWAM sledgehammer approach to managing spam on the platform that I wrote about here.

Everyone hates Spam except the spammers. Most people who learn about #LinkedIn #SWAM hate that too. SWAM by the way is LinkedIn’s Site-Wide Auto-Moderation process. If you are an innocent victim of LinkedIn SWAM policy you can join the #NOWSAM campaign by tweeting #NOSWAM and commenting here and writing to the website below.

Say No to spam and no to #LinkedIn #SWAM

Most of the people I know find LinkedIn indispensable in building their professional and business brands. Unfortunately, LinkedIn’s sledgehammer approach is making LinkedIn Groups increasingly unusable for far too many good, honest citizens in the LinkedIn Community.

Indispensable yet unusable. A recipe for frustration at the very least.

Add to this Linkedin’s total silence on addressing the subject, plus the near impossibility of innocent members to remove the group gagging orders imposed on them by the #SWAM policy, plus the prevalence of absentee and disinterested Group owners, plus the massive workloads that good Group Owners and Managers face in keeping their groups clean and relevant and you can see the scale of the problem.

The only people who can ultimately fix this problem are in Mountain View, California. But they won’t do anything about it until enough of the loyal LinkedIn community raise it on their agenda.

For the record, I am a massive fan of LinkedIn since March 2004. I admire and respect what Reid Hoffman and the whole team has achieved since 2003. I know they have ambitious plans for the future.

We all know that 80% of their Q1 13 Revenue of $325Million comes from Talent and Marketing solution sales but they do need to continually make the site sticky and relevant to millions of people to achieve their financial ambitions. Groups are a big part of that engagement and groups is exactly what they are hurting right now.

Come on LinkedIn. Fix the well-intentioned but deeply flawed SWAM policy.

You can find out about one of the #NOSWAM campaigns here:

You can add your own #SWAM experiences here:

Or you can simply add your comments below.

Till next time….

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