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Team and personal productivity consultancy and training.Clarify purpose, set strategy, control goals, manage priorities, get things done, all within heavy workloads and stretch targets.

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My clients are ambitious SMEs (often ranking high in ‘Fast Track’ growth tables); and large organisations (many in FT100 and Fortune 500) looking to drive improved productivity, performance and profit through their people.

Clients specifically report that with our support they are better positioned to:

  • Create a clearer, more compelling, Vision and Mission to drive that important sense of purpose
  • Establish and manage objectives to drive business results
  • Create purposeful strategies and weld strategic purpose to their peoples’ daily priorities
  • Create and control compelling goals
  • Manage competing priorities and multiple projects better across the business
  • Improve collaboration, communication and teamworking across the business
  • Achieve more with less in the new normal of today’s economy
  • Use current desktop and mobile technology (Outlook, Lotus, ACT! Salesforce, MindManager, Blackberry and others) much more effectively across the business
  • Turn previous training investments into identifiable, enduring - often measurable results

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We specialise in helping individuals and teams measurably improve the way they deliver their critical results through better management of their competing priorities, their multiple projects, their shared workloads, their communications and relationships. We improve teamworking through shared approaches to workload management with leading productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes as well as leading CRM tools like Act! and Salesforce.

With our training expertise we will help you deliver ‘Results Worth Talking About’. This we achieve through the depth of our research into best practice behaviours, the ruthless practicality of our training and the rock-solid support we provide to ensure implementation back in the workplace.

You value practical, profitable learning and development for yourself and your team. You are looking for a trusted partner and trustworthy support. You are in the right place. Check out our productivity tips here

This is the where People, Purpose and Process drive productive results

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