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Specialist productivity facilitation, Keynotes and training

Welcome, you are in the right place for proven productivity training, facilitation and speaking engagements; along with consultancy, coaching and mentoring support. I call what I do ‘Welding Purpose to Priorities’ #wp2p

You will deliver ‘Results Worth Talking About’ with our support. Guaranteed.

My proven productivity support incorporates:

Training/Coaching     Meeting facilitation     Keynotes and Team Talks

Personal Performance Support PPS

My core focus areas: Defining Purpose, Deciding Strategy, Defending Priorities and Delivering Results.

I and my associates specialise in enabling busy individuals and teams to measurably improve the way they deliver their critical results within their demanding workloads.

Your results will be driven through the depth of our research into best practice behaviours, the ruthless practicality of our training and the rock-solid support we provide to ensure implementation back in the workplace.

You, your business and your requirements are unique. You know that, in the real world, one size fits nobody. You can be confident that through our work with ambitious SMEs and large organisations since 1998, we can design and deliver inspiring, practical learning events that will resonate in your business long after the event ends.

Clients specifically report that with our support they are better positioned to:

  • Create a clearer, more compelling, Values, Vision and Mission to drive that important sense of purpose
  • Establish and manage objectives to drive business results
  • Create purposeful strategies and weld strategic purpose to their peoples’ daily priorities
  • Create and control compelling goals
  • Manage competing priorities and multiple projects better across the business
  • Improve collaboration, communication and teamworking across the business
  • Achieve more with less in the new normal of today’s economy
  • Use current desktop and mobile technology (especially Outlook, Google Apps, Apple, Android, Blackberry) much more effectively across the business
  • Turn previous training investments into identifiable, enduring – often measurable results

Call me now on +44 (0)1428 607763 or Get in touch and lets start working together!
or see how I think and what others think first, then lets start!

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  • Richard Maybury March 2, 2012, 10:42 am

    Hi Phil, thanks for your feedback. you know as well as most, that it is the little changes that deliver the big results.
    Effectiveness is about taking nothing for granted, always looking for the edge, allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable – fearful even – and following through on the changes we embark upon.
    Polishing our Linkedin Profile is just another manifestation of this.
    Onwards and upwards, and more power to you and the team at Farnham Castle.

  • Phil Hackett March 2, 2012, 10:11 am

    Hi Richard I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your How to make your Professional Profile Shine on LinkedIn.

    I had already done 90% of what you had suggested but the remaining 10% were not only valuable but are something I do not think I would ever have consider or discovered if it was not for your supportive and easy to follow tips.

    I am also ashamed to say that my Twitter feed was ‘accidentally’ flooding LinkedIn – this has now stopped (thanks to you) by changing the Twitter settings in the Profile section that only allows tweets that have the hash tag #in in them to be posted to LinkedIn.

    It has made my feed look far more professional and it could/should be something that you could add as a tip to your excellent guide which already delivers 100% positive changes to my LinkedIn account. Can a guide improve your LinkedIn service by 101%? Well with this additional tip, I think it might just do that : )

    Once again, thank you for sharing.


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