With ‘Democracy’ very much in the news right now with the USA Presidential election, how about using Outlook email to poll a vote… thus facilitating teamwork and team decision making ….

When you need to poll team views on an issue you can use the ‘Voting’ feature of Outlook with Microsoft Exchange, here’s how. 

1 Create your email in the usual way, paying particular attention to setting out the issues as clearly as possible and asking a clear, unambiguous, closed question.

2 Before sending the mail hit your ‘Options’ button on the email toolbar or press Alt+P

3 Check the ‘Use Voting Options’ option box.

4 Hit the Scroll button (the triangle) on the right of this box to select the voting options you require.

5 Click ‘Close’ and send your mail for democracy in action. Replies will come back with ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ or other terms you select as the first word in the subject area, thus helping you collate the votes easily!

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