You are using Microsoft Outlook within Office 365 and you created a customised To-Do Bar in your Calendar and Inbox so that you can see your prioritised To-Dos and Tasks and all of a sudden from February 2019 your To-Do Bar says ‘We didn’t find anything to show here’. What has happened to your Tasks? fear not!

The latest Office 365 update contained a bug which caused any To-Do list with 2 or more ‘Group By’ criteria to display the above message. Your Tasks and To-Dos are there – it is just that Outlook can’t display them. The workaround is to ‘Group By’ one field only.

Your ‘WP2P – Working Smarter with Outlook’ customisation uses 2 ‘Group By’ criteria. The workaround is to Group By only one criterion. I suggest you ‘Group By’ Priority only. You can click on the ‘completed’ column to Sort by complete temporarily but I suggest you retain the Sort By Subject as your main view so that your top 3 priorities are at the top of the list.

To make the change, simply Right-click the column header at the top of your To-Do Bar and select ‘View settings’.

Click the ‘Group By’ button.

Change the first Group by to ‘Priority’ (descending) and the second group by to ‘None’.

Click ‘OK’ twice to exit.

You can now see your prioritised To-Do and Task list, so you can evaluate incoming emails and work requests against your prioritised list in real time.