Start Living Stop Stressing My IoD article in full

By |2014-01-03T15:25:51+00:00October 23rd, 2010|Time Management and Prioritisation tips|

National  Stress  Awareness Day is on the 3rd of November 2010. Stress management has never been more relevant than it is today.  Hectic lifestyles, demanding jobs and financial pressures, all contribute to a feeling of being ‘under stress’. Whereas stress itself is not an illness, but a state of mind, a prolonged [...]

How to Triage an email inbox that is at overload

By |2017-10-13T11:04:09+01:00September 21st, 2010|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

Is there a ‘Best Way’ to triage yourself out of email overload? You already have an email management approach for these situations, (you do, after all, have a good track record in delivering your results at work). You already know that you need to make priority decisions quickly on your emails so you [...]

How to make Outlook search ALL folders automatically

By |2017-10-13T11:04:10+01:00August 2nd, 2010|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

Continuous process improvement is a key element of smarter working. Here’s a 10 second personal productivity tip that will save you hours from here on in. I accept that Microsoft certainly improved the native Search function in these releases over Outlook 2003  and earlier versions. I think it does involve [...]

How to remove the annoying Outlook Open or Save dialog box in Windows 7

By |2017-10-13T11:04:09+01:00July 12th, 2010|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

Many people are annoyed with the fact that their Microsoft Outlook programme, running in Windows 7 will no longer allow a single click access to email attachments and the ‘Opening Mail Attachment’ dialog box has the option ‘Always ask before opening this type of file’ greyed out and unable to [...]

IoD People Forum for HR and L&D professionals

By |2017-06-12T15:19:21+01:00May 5th, 2010|Uncategorized|

I will be re-launching the Institute of Directors (IoD) People Forum at the recently opened Bench Bar @ the wonderful University of Surrey Sports Park, Guildford Surrey, on Friday 14th May between 07:25 and 08:45. The meeting has 2.5 purposes:  1) Mapping out what we, as forum members, want from [...]

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader

By |2017-06-12T15:22:32+01:00May 2nd, 2010|Goal creation and control|

I have been around a lot of talk this week on ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’. I suppose it is to be expected, given that I have been running various training sessions and forums over the week, ranging from a ‘Strategy in Action’ workshop that I ran for one client through to a ‘Welding [...]

Change management: The penguins’ process

By |2015-02-02T15:18:08+00:00January 25th, 2010|Goal creation and control|

It’s amazing how people who don’t do ‘Change Management’ can make change happen! I was recently asked to facilitate a team meeting within a client’s Kick-Off event based upon ‘Change Management’. None of those present were ‘Change Champions’, Project Managers’ or held ‘black-belt’ titles in anything work related. They are [...]

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