The Avebury Neoliths, Donald Rumsfeld and managing strategic priorities

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OK let’s get one thing clear. This is more about strategic planning and strategic priority management than it is about comparing Donald Rumsfeld with Neolithic man. Stick with me – it will be worth the 3 minutes and one click, I promise.  […]

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Change management: The penguins’ process

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It’s amazing how people who don’t do ‘Change Management’ can make change happen! I was recently asked to facilitate a team meeting within a client’s Kick-Off event based upon ‘Change Management’. None of those present were ‘Change Champions’, Project Managers’ or held ‘black-belt’ titles in anything work related. They are [...]

Top 10 MindJet MindManager Features You Didn’t Know About

By |2010-04-23T11:17:59+01:00November 25th, 2009|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management|

There’s an 80/20 rule for software. 80% of people will use or get value from 20% of the features. Given that fact, what happens when you flip the equation around and ask: ‘What 20% more could I do or learn to be 80% more effective?’ The combination of MindManager mindmapping software [...]

What can Gordon Brown teach us?

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This is not the place where I get into political discussions, and, in raising these questions I’m not imputing any characteristic on, nor implying any criticism of Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister … it’s just that these broad management and leadership questions came again to me this morning after [...]

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