How to email an open document in #Office365 without going to your inbox #WP2P

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You are busy getting your high priority things done and have just completed that important document you have been working on. You now need to email it to your customer, colleague or supplier. You’re smart and you know that living in your inbox view degrades your ability to manage your [...]

Time Tested Truth

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Vita is brevis and tempus does fugit. Hippocrates, the ‘the father of medicine’, was right back in 400BC and is today. Virgil was right back in 29BC and is right today. None of us have time, none of us can save time, all of us slide through it at exactly the same [...]

Building Personal productivity and productive capacity #WP2P

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People often ask me ‘Hey Rich, what’s your number one top tip for improving my productivity?’ They, of course, know that there is no such thing. But I still get asked it! The truth is that our personal productivity is determined by our personal productive capacity far more than it [...]

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