I was sharing a beer with Alex in a Melbourne bar, a while back. We had both worked overseas and struck up a friendship in Saudi Arabia.

We got to talking about perspectives in life. Sometimes we can get too tied into a way of thinking, feeling, doing and being. Sometimes we allow auto-pilot take over for a little longer than is good for us. We were sharing insights and experiences in how we manage this in our lives.

The evening went on, a few more beers went down and the conversation shifted from deep stuff to surface stuff. Next day Alex gave me a copy of this map, which went up on my wall when I returned home.

Every now and then we do need to stop, take stock and get a little perspective on what is going on. We need to think more strategically, more creatively.  I used that map many times as a trigger to challenge my perspective and my assumptions on a whole range of issues. It was a gift that kept on giving.

What tools or triggers do you use to shift your perspectives beyond business as usual?

I don’t know where Alex got the map from back then but I found this picture of it here: http://www.mapsbookstravelguides.com.au/world_upside_down_a4_hema

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