Continuous process improvement is a key element of smarter working. Here’s a 10 second personal productivity tip that will save you hours from here on in. I accept that Microsoft certainly improved the native Search function in these releases over Outlook 2003  and earlier versions. I think it does involve a few too many clicks too often. So here’s a quick and easy productivity tweak to get to that important, topical email easier and quicker.

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Outlook 2007 Search all folders option

  • Go to your top Toolbar
  • Click on ‘Tools’ >  ‘Options’  
  • In the ‘Preferences’ tab towards the bottom click the ‘Search Options’ button in the ‘Search’ area.
  • In the ‘Search Options’ dialogue box, go to the bottom of the form and in the ‘Instant Search pane’ area select ‘All Folders’.
  • Click OK twice to  exit and activate


Outlook 2010 Search all folders option

  • Go to your top Toolbar
  • Click on ‘File’ >  ‘Options’  
  • In the left hand ‘Search’ column, click ‘Search’
  • In the ‘Results’ area change the default to ‘All Folders’
  • Click OK to activate and exit


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