I’m going to keep this introduction short and sweet. If you believe in the possibility of good news in ’09 read on. I promise not to mention ‘Interesting times’, I wont waste words on what you have already heard and read ad-nauseam about the ‘current climate’ and you know that I won’t be getting all new-age on you.

OK! You and I know that there will be Good News in 2009, great! This year, like every year before it, represents an opportunity to start anew on our hopes, our ambitions and our plans for the year ahead and beyond. As with every year before – responsibility rests with each of us individually. As with every year, we have to take account of the current reality but not be totally seduced by it. Unlike every year for the past decade or so, the dominant media mood music now invokes feelings of uncertainty and fear, which, although arguably tougher to overcome, have to be kept in context.

 So, we know that there will be Good News in 2009 and we know that we have to take personal responsibility for our year ahead. Seems to me like a good time for an important question:

What do I have to do to make 2009 my best year yet?

Please don’t avoid this question. Re-read it now that you are thinking about it. You might find it useful to answer it in 2 dimensions: Jot down some notes now and reconsider your answers when you have more time. It will be a good investment of time and energy, I promise you.

The Internal Dimension to making 2009 your best year yet:

  • How do my belief systems about myself empower me?
  • How do they limit me?
  • What personal strengths need reinforcement? What neglected areas need redevelopment?
  • How can I best protect myself from the insidious doubt, uncertainty and fear that will stalk the external landscape for the next year?
  • What’s truly important to me?
  • What is my purpose?

The External dimension to making 2009 your best year yet:

  • What specific personal goals, in addition to my mandated business goals, will I need to have completed this year to make it my best year yet?
  • How am I going to build them into what will be a demanding year anyway?
  • How will I keep myself motivated and on track when other imperatives will be bearing down on me?

Further good news; in addition to our usual client company workshops I am opening up limited availability in my calendar for fee-based, individual support to help people make the most of this year. Whilst the support will be tailored to each person, it will be based upon my proven Goal Control approach. Please contact me for an informal chat if you feel this might be helpful to you or people you know.