Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 automatically adds a flagged email to your ‘To Do List’ in your Tasks folder. This includes old email items (including archived) from Outlook 2003 when you upgraded. How do you get rid of these legacy flagged email tasks without deleting the original emails? How do you bulk remove your flagged email To Dos without deleting the associated email when you start our email and workload management process?

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You cannot just delete flagged email To Dos because if you do you will  delete the original emails and they might have some value to you!

Here’s what to do.

A)     First of all you have to see all your Flagged emails. They are in your ‘To-Do List’ in your Task folder as opposed to your ‘Task’ list in that folder. Don’t worry about the difference between the 2 lists – if you use our process you will never need to go back into your ‘To Do List’ anyway.

  1. Because you want to see all tasking elements in your Task folder you need to go to your Task folder by clicking on the ‘Task folder icon’ shortcut in your navigation pane as opposed to your ‘Task’ folder in your ‘Folder List View’ of your navigation pane.
  2. In your Task folder click on the ‘To Do List’ subfolder. Amaze yourself that you still have a career despite all those un-actioned, overdue, long-forgotten flagged emails!
  3. If you have not done so in my training, engage the ‘Group By’ functionality for your To- Do List and drag the ‘Follow Up Flag’ column into the Group By area.

B)      You can now clear these old flagged mail To Dos as follows:

  1. Use Shift or Ctrl to highlight the appropriate email To Dos.
  2. Right-Click within a highlighted To Do and click on ‘Follow Up’ then select ‘Clear flag and delete Task’
  3. This removes the flag but leaves your original email intact
  4. Click on your ‘Tasks’ view in your Task folder and navigate out of the folder back to your inbox or calendar

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