Here’s a real quick communication management tip applied to Microsoft Outlook and driven through your email inbox.

OK, so you get an email from a work colleague who is not sitting near you and who you haven’t seen around the office yet (Most of your emails do come from your colleagues don’t they?). You think that the email requires a telephone call response so that you can add value to it and move on. You are keen on managing your time, focus and energy and you don’t relish the idea of telephone tag and creating a voicemail load to add to your email load. Here’s a simple tip:

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How about simply right clicking on their email address within the open email and selecting ‘Schedule a meeting’  and in the Scheduling tab check if they are available, out of office or busy before you pick up the phone. A 5 second scan can help your communication management, your workload scheduling and your productivity no end.

What other simple Outlook manipulations, tips and processes do you use to keep control of your busy days? Let me know in the comments section below.

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