Very few Business Networking meetings make it as a High Priority meeting in my Outlook Calendar. The excellent Shipley’s Godalming Breakfast Club does though – every month. The Partners and team at Shipleys provide an excellent resource for businesses like mine based around the Godalming and Guildford area of Surrey. It is brilliantly hosted by the Partners and expertly facilitated by Chris Ragg form the Centre for Organisational Analysis. I always come away with energy, insights and information which I can directly invest into my business. Today was no different and here’s why….

We were looking at aspects and impacts of ‘Optimism’ in business. Not something I would be thinking objectively about in normal circumstances but something which, with some thought, helps us get to the heart of productivity, effectiveness and purposefulness, both on a personal and team basis, and is worthy of a business conversation.

Chris then asked us to identify people with these traits:

  • They are full of energy and enthusiasm. You can’t beat one who is really into something and going for it 100 per cent.
  • They are natural risk-takers. They throw themselves into things in the boldest, bravest fashion.
  • They are persistent. When told to stop doing something they will wait a couple of minutes and then do it again.
  • They are inquisitive. They will not be fobbed off with a stock reply but go on asking “why?
  • They are creative. Even their doodles betray the liveliest imagination.
  • They have great interpersonal skills. They are good at thawing the hardest heart.
  • They are assertive and jolly good at saying NO!
  • They are not hamstrung by inhibitions
  • They will go straight up to someone and say ‘Who are you?’
  • They are good at making decisions.

Have you guessed who it is yet? You probably have …… its Toddlers!

This list of attributes is taken from Lucy Kellaway’s 12th September article for the FT on ‘Why CEOs cry all the way to the bank’where she writes about Bob Diamond’s appointment by Barclays Bank.

And there you have it, a great firm of accountants in Shipleys, bringing together a great group of business people orbiting Godalming and Guildford and creating a stimulating environment where ideas and inspiration are exchanged and relationships built. Thanks Shipleys, so much better than bog standard networking!