My friend, strategist and the Thought Leader behind Genesis Management Consulting, Simon Gifford, pointed me to this HBR article the other day.  I like a lot of the material Ron Ashkenas writes. He’s pretty focused on the practicalities of delivering critical results within demanding workloads when he focuses on his ‘Time Management’, ‘Productivity’ and ‘Critical Result Management’ subjects. He is one of the handful of HBR correspondents that I follow and will make time to read.  

You might want to ask yourself this question from his article:

Imagine if the president of your company personally asked you to take on a special assignment — working directly for her. The project would take one day per week but you would have to continue your regular job in the remaining time. Would you take the assignment?  

You won’t be surprised that in a piece of research, 99% of the managers he and Robert Schaffer asked this question to said they would take the assignment, even though they said earlier that they did not have enough time already! You can read his article here .

I will leave you with 3 questions to ponder upon and 1 suggestion:

  1. Would you take on the additional assignment today if you were asked the same question by your CEO?
  2. What other critical result could you create time for within your busy schedule if you had a big enough reason to do so?
  3. Why not start creating the capacity to work on that right now?

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I thoroughly recommend the HBR magazine and Online resources. They are essential reading as far as I am concerned.

Of course, if you are looking for practical training in planning and delivering critical results within a heavy workload crammed with competing priorities already, you can always get in touch. I will make sure we deliver results worth talking about.