Today there are 30 days until Christmas day. A whole month to get ready then. A whole 720 hours! Obviously not. So just how long have you got to create an exceptional, memorable Christmas?

If you are lucky enough to leave home for work at 8AM and return home with all you work done at 6PM; that removes 300 hours, leaving you 420 hours. (Note to self: Better work on making this happen next month)

 Getting a healthy 8 hours sleep a night removes a further 240 hours, leaving you with 180 hours to create that perfect Christmas.

 Obviously, if you did not wash, brush, polish and preen yourself, all that time would be available to you but if you hold to a minimum level of hygiene, you would probably be left with 150 hours.

 Now, you won’t want to be fainting with the hunger would you? So, let’s allow some time for breakfast on the run, lunch at the desk and preparing, consuming and clearing a reasonably civilised dinner at home. Would an hour and a half a day do it? If so we are down to 105 hours to prepare for a fabulous Christmas.

 I don’t know about you but quality time with family at home (and perhaps a little time watching the television) is certainly part of my life, so if we gave 2 hours a day to the family that would leave us with 45 hours to create the perfect Christmas.

 But, hold on! We have got to have a social life as well, haven’t we? So, lets say 3 hours in the pub with friends for each of the next 4 Fridays and a 2-hour dinner with our partner once a week for the next 4 weeks, leaving us with 25 hours to create a memorable Christmas!

Wait a minute! The shops are closed on Christmas Day, so we only have one hour to create that perfect Christmas! Better get to work on it right now then!