I was triaging  my Learning inbox subfolder just now. I go to it when I’m in a ‘learning mood’. In there I found a mail from Wow Accountants which got me thinking.

So I’ m sharing this with you right now

When managing conflicting priorities I have found over time that the quality of the question determines the quality of the outcome – always.

So I responded to their 5 Questions for success and thought I would ask you what question helps you make better decisions.

Here’s what I wrote on their blog. What question works for you?…….

Questions I ask myself when I need to get serious with myself:
1 ‘Why would I do that?’
2 ‘If not now – When?’
Both have helped me focus better than I otherwise would do. They are not easy ones to ask – especially if the object of the questions is immediately appealing but nonetheless distracting!

Over to you…… what questions work for you?