Hey, spring has finally sprung. Time to spring clean and de-clutter our work environment, especially as you can win a £25 Amazon voucher in this competition by doing so.

Back in June 2010 I asked if your desk was more akin to the purposeful flight deck of an aircraft carrier or a toxic waste dump. More recently, working with a team of ‘Location Independent Workers’ – people who are home and field based and rarely venture into the company office – the whole challenge of home office and desk clutter has been brought back into focus for me.

Here’s a question: How happy would you be for your most important customer or your boss to be sitting at your desk as it is right now, making a big decision with you?

So, here’s the deal….. Or at least the competition!

Transform your desk into the productivity platform you need it to be

Get decluttering. Take a photo of your desk after you spring-cleaned it and email / message it over to me. Jacqui and I will review them all and the 4 best transformations will receive a £25 Amazon gift certificate. Email to richardm at prioritymanagement dot com I might even add a bonus gift if I choose to copy any of your desk layouts!

No rules really, you can work on your corporate office desk or home-office desk. The competition starts now and we will run this to 31st May, but, hey, why wait? You know that personal productivity is best driven from a purposeful platform. To quote Jean-Luc Picard ‘Make it so’.

Go on, get de-cluttering! You will feel so much better once you have transformed your desk into the purposeful productivity platform you know it could be. You might also win that £25 voucher. Get in touch if you want suggestions or have any questions.

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