Productivity software firm Xobni is in the news again, this time in the same sentence as ‘Yahoo’ and ‘Marissa Mayer’.

The unofficial word is that Yahoo, who has been busy buying businesses recently, has offered to pay $30 – $40 Million for Xobni.

I have been an Xobni fan since 2008 when I wrote about how Xobni improved Microsoft Outlook email productivity and helps people work smarter.

I did shut my Xobni off, though, when Microsoft made their Outlook Social Connector, which was packaged with Outlook 2010, available free to Outlook 2003 and 2007 customers.

Xobni branched out from Microsoft Outlook a while ago, providing its package to Gmail and Yahoo mail users on desktops and mobile via iPhone and Android through its ‘Smartr Inbox’ service.

Since Xobni was first launched many productivity tools have incorporated Social integration technologies which have become almost a basic offering now. In fact, I would not buy or rent any productivity tool which does not have a social integration functionality – it is that important to me.

Whether or not buying Xobni is a smart business move for Yahoo remains to be seen. What is important for us productivity tool users is that we always look to use fewer tools and integrate them better.

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