If you have opted for an Apple Mac over a Windows PC laptop, either as a BYOD option provided by your employer or as a personal purchase, and find that inside that slim, silver case the Mac OS imposes serious limitations in the productivity software your firm uses, fret not; salvation is at hand.

For example, if you want to work smarter on your competing priorities and dominate your email inbox and workload schedules – and your company uses Microsoft Outlook as its email and calendar tool – you will find that Microsoft Outlook for Mac simply does not have the same rich functionality as the Windows version. Even this list is not a complete comparison.

Don’t get me wrong; it is possible to drive improved productivity through Outlook for Mac. We train on it all the time. Overall, though, the total programme integration of Tasks, Calendar, Contacts and Email is more potent and compelling in the Windows version. The good news is that you can now …..

Easily Virtualize your Mac to run full Microsoft Windows based programmes, including Outlook (tweet this)

Yes, the super techy will say that virtualisation has been around for a while now. No news there. But, as the technology has developed it is getting easier for your IT department to deploy it, for you to request it and – heaven forbid – for intelligent but non techy people to virtualise a Windows instance on their own Mac by themselves!

Yes, it is now possible for an averagely competent computer user to convert their complete existing windows environment on their existing Windows PC or laptop and install it a virtualized drive on their shiny new Mac.

A number of clients have had great success with vmware Fusion 5 which is going a long way towards the consumerization of virtualisation. Run the video on the page to see how simple it can be. This other video may also be helpful.

So, if you have been lusting over a Mac Air but have all your key productivity programmes that you rely upon to build your business, your career and your fortune on your PC, you can now have the best of both worlds – PC and Mac in one sleek package.

By the way, even though the process is now relatively simple, you might want to get your internal IT support people or your trusted outsourced IT service provider to run the setup for you.

Other virtualisation options are available, for example Parallels but I’m a fan of VMware as well as them being fans of my productivity training and support work.

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