A few people who have migrated to Outlook 2013 have asked if they can edit the subject lines of emails they receive in their inbox, which helps them in filing, searching or categorizing their received emails. The answer is ‘Yes’. Here’s how:Quite often, new installs of Outlook 2013 have the Conversation View set as the default view of the inbox.

Because I advocate having a lightweight inbox and NOT using the inbox as yet another ‘To-Do’ list, I’m not a fan of the ‘Conversation view’ in the inbox. The inbox is where you go to make a 4D decision on the new mails and get the heck out of there as quickly as possible.

Here is what to do:

Change the Outlook inbox Conversation view

In your inbox, click the View tab to open the View ribbon and, in the ‘Messages’ area, deselect the ‘Show in Conversations’ option.

Enable editing of received Outlook email subjects in inbox

In your inbox, click the View tab to open the View ribbon.

Click the ‘View Settings’ icon in the ‘Current View’ area and, in the ‘Advanced View settings’ popup, click on ‘Other Settings’ and select ‘Allow in-cell editing’. You can then edit the subject line in an open email and also in the list view without having to open the email.

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