Use this Hyperlink method to point to a FOLDER as opposed to just a file with Outlook 2003 (NOTE: Click the link if you are looking for how to do this with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 ) It is clever – and simple!

For the sake of completeness in this entry here’s how you insert a hyperlink to a FILE within an Outlook 2003 Task, Calendar or Contact form:
Place your cursor in the notes area of your Outlook form where you want to insert the hyperlink.
Go to the Form’s top Toolbar > Hit the word ‘Insert’ (not the paperclip button) > Select ‘File’> Navigate to the file and highlight it only > Go to the ‘Insert’ button at the bottom of the form and click on the arrow on the right of the button and select ‘Insert as hyperlink’ and you’re done.

Now the clever bit….
Do the above and create a hyperlink to any file within the folder you want to access in your Outlook 2003 Form.
Go to your created hyperlink and simply (but carefully) insert your cursor at the end of the link between the last letter of the hyperlink itself and the limiting >. Now simply remove the file extension and filename by hitting the ‘Back’ button on your keypad until you have reached the folder you want the hyperlink to point to. Then come out of the link by taking your cursor to another area without hitting ‘Enter’ .

I have tested this all the way down to my C directory and it worked every time. So now I am linking to Project, Client and Prospect folders where that is more appropriate, and not just files.
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