Today, 2nd October is the birthday of ‘Mahatma’ (great Soul) Gandhi, it is also a National Holiday in India. I was recently in Delhi running a training event for a team of very talented people and had the opportunity to take a 2-day break in that ancient city, the highlight of which was standing within the grounds of the Mahatma’s simple memorial.  

In a country of bold steel and glass pillars to global modernity, magnificent Mogul Palaces, Temples and – yes – world famous Mausoleums – monuments to love, power and  wealth, this – for me- was one of the most moving places on the planet. A simple, solid, low, black marble table with an eternal light. A fitting tribute to a simple man whose life of service will shine for ever.

‘My life is my message’

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’