Now this is weird – and it has happened half a dozen time in the past 15 minutes, so there is something going on here. And I think it proves an important productivity point.

I’m sitting in my office bashing through my priorities on my laptop without a mouse. I changed desks, plonked the laptop down and it just so happened that one of my mousemats was to the right of  the laptop keyboard – and here’s the weird thing.

Because the mousemat was in my peripheral vision, my hand went over (unconsciously) to it to grab the non-existent mouse – even though I have been using the keyboard shortcuts most of the morning at another desk! That’s why I’m an advocate  of tuning off all email alarms alerts and flags – especially those alerts on the bottom right of your screen in Outlook. They come into your consciousness – just like my mousemat – and affect your behaviour. They are Productivity Pirates!

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