Back in September last year I wrote about why the Echo smartpen has replaced my Mont Blanc and how it helped me improve my productivity and work smarter when integrated with my other productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook.  I love the way it is not just about taking notes, it is about where my notes can take me. Well the Echo has just got better!

I always go into meetings with my pen and notebook to capture ideas and commitments. I have worked with smartpads but somehow I just prefer writing on paper and feel that it is more acceptable when I am in client meetings. My Echo means that I don’t have to rewrite my notes into my business management systems.

Well, my favourite note taking combo – my Echo Livescribe pen combined with Evernote has just got even smarter and I’m delighted. Livescribe has announced at 05:00hrs this morning the introduction of the Sky wifi smartpen.

Essentially with the Sky wifi smartpen you don’t have to choose between writing on paper and writing on a tablet – you can have the best of both worlds. Sky is an ideal companion to an iPad or Android tablet. Together they offer the ease, flexibility and precision of writing on paper with the benefits of saving, searching, replaying and sharing on a tablet.

The Sky wifi smartpen is the first digital pen to integrate WiFi technology and cloud services. Sky digitizes everything consumers write and hear and automatically sends it to their personal Evernote accounts, where it is securely stored and readily available to search, play back, organize and share. Perfect for today’s on-the-go world, everyone from busy executives to students can conveniently access their written notes and recorded audio directly from paper, as well as on all the tablets, smartphones and computers they use.

I’m a big fan of Echo Livescribe I can’t wait to start using the Sky wifi.

You can see the new pen at

I will keep you updated!