I wish you and everyone special to you a Christmas that:

  1. Refreshes beyond the best, biscuity chilled champagne
  2. Resonates deeper than the click-click-whirrr of the shopping till when buying your most thoughtful gifts for the most important people in your life
  3. Remains with you well beyond 12th Night and reinforces you into the rest of the 2013 that you will be building for yourself and those you love.

I want to briefly say a massive thank-you to 4 very important groups of people…

  • All my wonderful clients, suppliers  and business friends. Thank you for your loyalty, your confidence, your cooperation and your business.
  • All my collaborators and those who confidently refer my services  to their people. I never forget that I am standing on your shoulders and work hard to build your reputation before I earn the right to my own with the people you introduce me to.
  • All those hard-working people we have trained who, although already building successful careers and businesses, changed the habits of a working lifetime and have taken up our key principles, processes and behaviours; and made them manifest in their busy lives. I wish you all continued success. You know how to get hold of me if you want to.
  • And, finally to my family, the foundation upon which every day is built. Jacqui for your selfless love. Mike and Tim for your intelligence, energy, drive and support for my efforts over the year.

Whatever your faith, wherever you are coming from or going to, I wish you all a happy, peaceful and fulfilling Christmas

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Do consider the potential for Volunteering in your business. There is need within a few paces of your home and place of work. Your contributions will make a difference.

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