How to easily change multiple email addresses in Excel

By |2017-01-03T10:25:42+00:00January 3rd, 2017|Leveraging Microsoft Outlook for time priority and workload management, Time Management and Prioritisation tips|

Here’s another working smarter with Microsoft Excel tip for changing multiple email addresses when a client, supplier or prospect firm changes their email address format, and/or company name. To make this simple I am assuming that First name is in column A, Family name is in column B and current [...]

How to combine 2 or more columns of data in Excel into a new column

By |2015-02-02T15:24:50+00:00December 13th, 2012|Leveraging technology to improve productivity|

Hi, Tim Maybury here again with another Microsoft Excel tip useful for managing marketing information. I use this one in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook mail merge and my father’s Productivity Pointer emails. This time I’m going to show you how to combine data in 2 or more columns into a new column. [...]

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